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Here are the download statistics for garbo.uwasa.fi archives at the
University of Vaasa, Finland, for the month of January 1992.  This
version of the download list is based on samples taken at 20 minute
intervals on the access time changes of the directories.  Thus the
statistics is quite approximate.  The list is cut off at about 300
entries.  The original list contained 2706 entries.  The approximate
total number of downloads was 48400 files.  The files with no
description are either no longer on garbo.uwasa.fi lists (they were
mainly old versions) or there is some technical problem with the
description.  This download statistics covers the /pc directories
(and /unix/ts).  Thus eg /mac /vms and /pc/win3 are not covered by
this statistics.

The statistics give this time underrated figures because we had
garbo off and / or chrashes of this script with out new
configuration for almost a week.

"If you do not know how to go about getting these files you are
welcome to email me for the prerecorded garbo.uwasa.fi instructions,
Keith Petersen (w8sdz at wsmr-simtel20.army.mil) for SIMTEL20
information, or Craig Warren (ccw at deakin.oz.au) for Oceanian garbo
mirror information.  North American users are advised first to
search on SIMTEL20 or its mirror wuarchive.wustl.edu.  Oceanian
users are referred to rana.cc.deakin.oz.au (for recent files)."

 321 zoo210.exe     Zoo packing/unpacking facility from Rahul Dhesi
 269 scanv85.zip    McAfee VIRUSCAN 8.1v85; scans for all known 366 virus s
 223 lha213.exe     LHa v2.13 compression for .lzh files, tight, in English
 221 naked101.zip   NakedEye SuperVGA Gif viewer v1.01 (14 Dec 91) (good)
 219 robotrk1.lzh   RoboTruck (.fli) for aaplay (good)
 207 clean85.zip    McAfee Clean-up virus remover 8.1v85 (run SCANV55 or gr
 191 arj222.exe     Arj data compressor/decompressor by Robert Jung
 178 ftpsites.lst   Ftp sites for anonymous login (24 Dec 1991)
 178 cshw841a.zip   CompuShow GIF viewer, standard version, (good)
 149 vshld85.zip    McAfee VSHIELD TSR 4.5v85; protects viri (was:SCANRES)
 137 sbd0013.zip    Sound Blaster Digest #13 newsletter
 133 pkz110eu.exe   "Legal" Euro-version of PKWARE's ZIP v1.10, no encrypti
 133 moder.lst      An ascii list of MsDos FTP sites & moderators 10-Jan-92
 130 hns.zip        Heart & Soul (.fli) (impressive...)
 128 ozgis80.zip    OzGIS v8.0 display geographically ref. data
 127 grasp4.zoo     Grasp4 display program for Grasp (.gl) files
 127 bluelake.gl    BlueLake .gl (good)
 126 arc602.exe     SEA's packing/unpacking system (self-extr.)
 124 aaplay.lzh     PD Autodesk Animator (.fli) player v1.0
 122 sbd0012.zip    Sound Blaster Digest #12 newsletter
 113 sbd0011.zip    Sound Blaster Digest #11 newsletter
 113 sbd0001.zip    Sound Blaster Digest #1 newsletter
 111 sbd0010.zip    Sound Blaster Digest #10 newsletter
 111 head1.zip      Animation file (.fli) for aaplay
 111 harri.gif      me, myself and I ...  (garbo moderator Harri Valkama)
 110 sbd0002.zip    Sound Blaster Digest #2 newsletter
 107 vpic46.zip     VPIC GIF viewer, converter (EGA,MCGA,VGA and SuperVGA)
 107 sbd0009.zip    Sound Blaster Digest #9 newsletter
 107 sbd0003.zip    Sound Blaster Digest #3 newsletter
 107 pk361.exe      This packs and unpacks .arc files (self-extracting)
 106 suomi.gif      Finland, 8K 640x480x16 border outline and elevation map
 106 sbd0004.zip    Sound Blaster Digest #4 newsletter
 106 2dices.lzh     2 dices sample (.fli) for aaplay (animator player)
 105 sbd0005.zip    Sound Blaster Digest #5 newsletter
 105 lsl5demo.zip   Leisure Suit Larry 5 demo
 104 vsumx112.zip
 104 30smthg1.zoo   Thirty Something TV series .voc
 103 tsfaq25.zip    Questions from UseNet and Timo's answers, 7-Jan-92.
 102 unzip41.exe    Self-extracting alternative unzippper for .zip files
 102 sbd0007.zip    Sound Blaster Digest #7 newsletter
 101 sbd0008.zip    Sound Blaster Digest #8 newsletter
  99 sbd0006.zip    Sound Blaster Digest #6 newsletter
  96 cshw833a.zip
  95 mrcry206.zip   Equation solver based on Borland's Eureka. Excellent.
  92 vsumx201.zip   The Virus Information Summary List, HyperText, (reqs li
  92 netris.zip     Netris; enhanced Tetris
  91 holechop.lzh   Chopper-demo for aaplay (good)
  90 grasprt.zoo    The G.R.A.S.P Interpreter for .GL files
  89 fprot202.zip   A Virus Protection system by Fridrik Skulason (good)
  88 dice4.lzh      Dice sample (.fli) for aaplay
  88 dezip.exe      DeZip v2.0; ZIP-extractor
  87 falcon3.zip    Falcon v3.0 demo (Spectrum Holobyte)
  86 garboidx.Z     Garbo MsDos INDEX file list in Unix compressed format
  86 booz20.zip     Zoo v2.10 extractor + sources
  85 pak251.exe     NoGate's PAK file compression utility v2.51 (self-extr.
  85 amdek.gl.Z
  84 hp-kill.fli    Animation file (.fli) for aaplay
  82 netscn85.zip   McAfee NETSCAN network viruscan v85 (366 strains;962 va
  82 dem120e.zip    Demacs v1.2.0 DOS version of GNU Emacs
  82 alchmy15.zoo   Alchemy v1.5 manipulates images (even JPEG) (great)
  81 graspdoc.zoo   Grasp docs
  80 vuimg311.zip   GIF/TIFF viewer v3.11 (Herc,EGA,(S)/(E)VGA)
  80 30smthg2.zoo   Thirty Something TV series .voc
  79 vgif40.zip     VGA gif picture showing program
  79 garboidx.arc   Garbo MsDos INDEX file list in archived format
  79 bench60.zip    PC Mag Lab benchmarks, graphips mode + mouse interface
  78 vgadoc01.zip   WhatVGA; collect. of SuperVGA documentation
  78 probots.zip    P-Robots v1.0 game for Pascal programmers
  75 bmstr42.zip    Blaster Master v4.2 tool kit for .voc files
  74 hover.zip      HoverForce demo (Accolade) (good)
  73 grfwk61f.zip   Graphic Workshop v6.1f (GIF/IMG/TIF/MAC convers) (good)
  72 nohiss10.zip   Digital noise (background) reduction v1.0
  72 euro01e.gif    Vaasa on the map of Europe, an EGA picture
  71 hydk430.zip    Speedkit; Hyperdisk v4.30 cache (repl. smartdrv.sys) (g
  70 jolt.zoo       GL animation; jolt
  70 bartblnd.zoo   Bart Simpson .voc & .fli
  69 tblast20.zoo   Trakblast v2.0 plays Amiga .mod files
  68 musician.zoo   Musician I v1.5 make your own music
  66 zoox2exe.exe   Series of zoo archives limited by size (enh. v2.01)
  65 glcomp.zoo     GL file composer/decomposer
  64 sound7.txt     The Sound Site Newsletter #7
  64 news-pd2       News about the uploads in the /pc (the MsDos) directori
  64 hdrivegl.zoo   GL animation of hard disk
  64 euro01v.gif    Vaasa on the map of Europe, a VGA picture
  63 st22.zip       ScreamTracker v2.2 plays Amiga SoundTracker sounds (goo
  63 spaceygl.zoo   GL animation; (Eliminator?) space shuttle...
  63 gn91-11.zip    GIF News Nov 91
  63 gl_om.zoo      Make/Dissolve a file of GL format
  63 dazzle.zip     DAZZLE v4.2; graphics display&image gener. (great)
  63 corewar.zip    CoreWar game (req's EGA/VGA)
  63 4dos40p.zip    4dos v4.00 executables
  62 yo.exe         Another music & graphics demo (req's VGA)
  62 whrcga.zoo     GL animation; whereabouts & restroom... (good)
  62 pcelm301.zip   PCelm mail interface for UUPC & NET /NOS
  62 blast13.zoo    Turbo C Blaster interface & tools
  61 virx19.zip     VIRx v1.9 Virus detection program
  61 explo203.zip   Fireworks (CGA,HERC,EGA,VGA)) (WOW!)
  60 sound1.txt     The Sound Site Newsletter #1
  60 inter28q.zip   Full INT.HLP file; interrupt list no 28
  59 tar4dos.zoo    Tar for DOS
  59 shez65.zip     Compression Companion for arcers be Jim Derr (good)
  58 vectdemo.zip   Vector demo (req's SB)
  58 djgpp.zip      DJ's GCC port to DOS pl 5 (great)
  57 simibm.zip     Simtel20 file list (dated as shown by the date stamp)
  57 harddisk.zip   List of hard disk data (9 Apr 1990) (great)
  57 boot142.zip    Boot.sys v1.42; sys config with boot-up menus
  57 4dos40d.zip    4dos v4.00 command.com replacement; docs (good)
  57 1pass101.zip   Onepass v1.01 single-pass diskette copier, format etc (
  56 vplus.zip      Vplus, The Ultimate Sound Digitiser & VOC player v1.00
  56 theref42.zip   Hard drive & controller info v4.2 by R.Falbo (great)
  56 gs211a.zip     Ghostscript v2.1.1a interpreter (EGA,HERC,VGA) (good)
  56 glite10.

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