HPGL file to Macintosh PICT summary

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Wed Feb 5 08:33:00 EST 1992

	Yesterday I posted a request for information regarding a utility
that will convert an HPGL file to a format that can be recognized by
common Macintosh drawing programs.  The response was great as I received
8 replies within 4 hours (doesn't anybody work or do you just stare at
the terminal all day long?)   :)  ;)  :)
	Thanks to all that replied.  I now have what I need which was also
suggested most often.  Don Gilbert of Indiana University has written a
hypercard stack called HP2PICT which will convert an HPGL file to a plot
on your Macintosh screen which you can export, via the clipboard, save (as
a PICT file), or print.  
	You can obtain it by anonymous FTP:
anonymous ftp to ftp.bio.indiana.edu,
  cd util/mac
  get hp2pict.hqx

	This was discussed/announced some months ago on the net, but I
must of missed it.  Thanks to all the network--stay involved!

Mike Agostino
Glaxo, Inc.

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