Drawing program wanted

Michel Knops knops at cs.few.eur.nl
Thu Feb 6 15:58:19 EST 1992


A friend of mine is looking for a drawing-program (IBM PC) for drawing
molecule-structures in 2D (mostly). As I'm an absolute know-nothing
in the field of chemistry and biology I'll try to give an example of 
the kind of pictures I mean to clarify myself:
            C  /   \
             \/     \
             \\     /
              \\   /
               /   \
              H      O

A ring structure this is, I believe. My friend would like an 
EASY-TO-USE drawing program (that can be ftp-ed somewhere) which 
produces WordPerfect-loadable pictures or that can be converted to WP.

I hope someone out there knows what kind of program I mean and what
are the typical things which make these schemes look great.

Please respond by e-mail, please. Thanks in advance!


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