xembl wais source

Rob Harper harper at NIC.FUNET.FI
Fri Feb 7 17:10:45 EST 1992

FTP sites for updates... Usenet newsgroups for updates.
Hmmmm... be selective use WAIS to get ONLY those files
that you are REALLY interested in. Cut between the () and
copy to your source directory.

       %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  XEMBL.SRC  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

   :version  3
   :ip-address ""
   :ip-name "wais.funet.fi"
   :tcp-port 210
   :database-name "embnet/xembl"
   :cost 0.00
   :cost-unit :free
   :maintainer "harper at wais.funet.fi"
   :description "Server created with WAIS release 8 b3.1 on
    Feb  7 00:48:00 1992 by harper at wais.funet.fi
    The xembl.flat file was downloaded from Reihard Doelz's ftp server.
    This file is the accumulative updates between EMBL releases.
    Searches can be made for new entries. The entries contain both
    the references and the sequence data. Present setup is experimental.
    The files of type embl used in the index were:

       %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%   END  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

Try it out. If it is useful I might make it a fixture and register
it with think.com  It is a brute for space. The flat file is 11 mega, and
could grow to 20 mega before the next EMBL release, and indexes and
dictionary are about 10 and 18 mega respectively.

Rob " there is a better way " Harper

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