NIH Image output modifications needed

Fri Feb 7 10:58:00 EST 1992

I am trying to set up a genetic mapping project, using NIH Image
and a Data Translation card to acquire images of ethidium-stained
gels, the Image macro language to analyze the gel images and score
the lanes, and then write the data into a text file. The last step
is going to be the hardest; a friend who is looking at the Image
source code for me (I am not a programmer) says the program doesn't
provide many options for data output. Does anyone know of a version
of Image that has been modified to allow easy output of data in text
file version? The type of data that will be generated is a set
of characters, each corresponding to an individual lane on the
gel and denoting the presence or absence of a band in that lane,
or the failure of the reaction, ie missing data point. If no such
version is known to exist, would anyone like to collaborate on
writing Pascal source code subroutines that could be added to Image
to allow this type of data output? This type of genetic mapping
project (RAPD mapping, for those interested) is likely to become
increasingly important in the near future, and a version of Image
capable of analyzing the data might be very widely used.
Thanks for your help.
Ross Whetten, Dept. of Forestry, NCSU, Raleigh NC USA

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