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In article <9202061247.AA18933 at genbank.bio.net> FRED at BLEKUL13.bitnet writes:
>Greetings to all
>Considering to go UNIX (from PC) and on the lookout for either a 486 or
>a workstation,inspired the following question :
>anybody out there running GCG on a HP/Apollo 700 series workstation ?
>These things are fast and cheap(er) than .... so this would seem to me
>a strong combination. I gather from other postings that Unix on PC or MAC
>is not liked very much which would eliminate the 486 option.
>Answers to me or over the net . If interesting I will repost.

If you can wait a few months, you can get Solaris 2.0 (SunOS/SVR4)
for your 386 or 486.  You can get Interactive Unix V/386 today
and upgrade for $195 when Solaris 2.0 is available.

Just my $.02
-Jamie Thompson
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