Hand Scanner and Autorads

Jim Gerlach GERLACHJ at QUCDN.QueensU.CA
Sat Feb 8 14:09:32 EST 1992

I have purchased a Logitech ScanMan 256-gray scale hand scanner. I have been
scanning polaroids and autoradiographs and am quite happy with the results. I
would like to scan the autorads using transmitted light (i.e. on a light box)
but when I try this with a standard X-ray viewer the image contains streaks. I
assume this is due to the 60 Hz flicker in the fluorescent bulbs in the light
box. Does anyone know of a good and preferably cheap alternative to the
standard X-ray viewer? Any other suggestions for scanning X-rays with a hand
scanner? Thanx in advance for any suggestions.


P.S. The Scanner comes with software for "manipulating" the image. I will
never be quite so believing of "photos" in journals again :-)

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