GDE2.0 beta

Steven Smith smith at phylo.life.uiuc.edu
Mon Feb 10 11:18:21 EST 1992

GDE 2.0 beta

The second release of GDE will be going into beta release this month. 
Significant features include:

1. Vastly improved editing features
2. Several bugs fixed.
3. Contig/gel assembly
4. Strategic viewing of sequence alignment
5. Many new analysis functions for similarity searches, phylogenetic analysis
   secondary structure, and multiple sequence alignment.

We are also doing a port to the DECstation, and are involved with ports
to the SGI, and the Cray.  However, the initial beta release will be to
Sun sparcstations.  A later announcement will be given for sites interested
in working with the DECstation version.

If you are intertested in being added to the beta list, please send email
to smith at nucleus.harvard.edu.  We will be limiting the beta release to about 
10 sites, and preference will be given to sites doing software development.
We hope to have a short beta period, and to ship GDE 2.0 in April.

System requirements are a Sparcstation or compatible, SunOS 4.1 or later,
and Openwindows 2.0 or X11R4 plus olwm (openlook window manager).

Steven Smith
Harvard Genome Lab

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