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Rob Harper harper at nic.funet.fi
Mon Feb 10 12:31:57 EST 1992

In <1992Feb8.195018.9902 at urz.unibas.ch> doelz at urz.unibas.ch writes:

*>Thanks for the effort, Rob. May I suggest the following: 
*>If you separate the references from the sequence, it would be easier 
*>to handle.

	I thought about doing it that way and going for xembl.seq and
	xembl.ref, but I think that people would want to retreive the
	sequences and the references together.

	I think that think.com did GB_BA: as a source but it only had
	the references in it. When you have the sequences there as well
	every segment of ten bases gets treated as a new word... and gets
        entered in the dct and the idx. This means that the indexing takes
	a L O N G time. Anyway as an amusing sideline you can enter
        sequences in as keywords in blocks of 10 and do "homology"
        searches of your sequence against the xembl update entries.
 	Dr. Pearson would roll his eyes in horror!!!
*>What about just making an index
*>for this and let people use ftp's or file servers for sequece retrieval?

	The present xembl.src will allow you to search for a sequence
	and retreive it.

*>On the other hand I think that it is very nice to have such a service
*>available, so, provided that you'd still got enough disk space, keep on . 

	Well the mechanics of the thing have to be worked out.
	I have been thinking of transfering the xembl.flat file
 	on a weekly basis and reindexing it after it arrives.
	Then there are lots of little fiddley bits to edit so that
        the source can be accessed over the network...

	I really need to hear from people that xembl.src is useful
	before I invest time and disk space on it. Comments please
	to the newsgroup or the address below.

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