digital images of 2-D gels

Graham Horgan graham at sass.sari.ac.uk
Fri Feb 14 07:01:03 EST 1992

                    Digital images of 2-D gels

I have developed some programs on a PC for handling digital images of
2-D electrophoresis gels. The idea is to superimpose gels on the display
monitor in different colours, so that differences can be seen. The gels
are digitally warped so that protein spots known to be the same on two
(or more) gels coincide exactly. If there are more than 2 gels to be
compared, they are warped to fit an average set of coordinates for the
invariant spots.
I use a Hewlett-Packard desktop scanner (intended for desktop publishing)
to scan the autoradiographs, and have written programs in Turbo Pascal to
handle the resulting digital images. The PC has a special graphics card
and monitor for display purposes.
I am interested in making this system available to some people who have
expressed an interest. There are 2 main problems:

  - The system has been developed for the particular graphics card
    (Imaging Technology Inc. FG100-AT) in my PC, and won't easily
    adapt to another

  - The programs need to be written to be somewhat easier to use.

I am curious to know whether other similar systems have already been
developed for PCs, using more standard hardware. I would ideally like
something that could use graphics based on a VGA, super-VGA or similar,
and an ordinary colour monitor.

Please send replies to me directly, and I will summarise on the board.
Thanks in advance.

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