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bnl at bitcave.in-berlin.de (Bernhard Luehr) writes:

>BIOF-MAK at finou.oulu.fi schrieb:

>> We are interested in methods for solving following problems:
>>      - to calculate pulse frequency as fuction of time


>I am interestet in the results of your requests to find an algorith for 
>pulse frequency analysis.

>I have the problem to scan acoustic patterns of 
>luscinia megarhynchos (nightingale). About this case an FFT (fast fourier
>transformation) algorithm is needed.

>I think that the analytic solution must be very similiar to yours problem.
>Perhaps you would answer me, if you have had success.

>If anybody else have a comment or an pretty algorith, please contact me.

There's a whole raft load of work done in endocrine hormone pulse analysis
which may be of interest - the raw material is very noisy being the
results of radioimmune assay and sampling frequency is limited due to
practical problems like exsanguination of the subject !!

I have a package which implements the two most popular algorithms used
for that problem - cluster and pulsar in a neat pc clone piece of 
shareware. Email me for details...

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