Rob Harper harper at NIC.FUNET.FI
Mon Feb 17 03:18:58 EST 1992

What would you think if when you received a mail message telling
you about some new ftp site or service the mail message itself would
fire up a telnet session and throw you into the machine and directory
that the mail message was talking about... yeah I can hear you all say
" Beam me up Scotty "

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  CLIP and RECOMENDATION %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
This message is composed in the evolving multimedia Internet Mail
format (MIME).  If you have a MIME reader you will be able to
read it in its full glory; otherwise, it might look a bit odd in

MIME is a relatively simple idea - standardize the way that people
mark up parts of a multipart message, and let them describe the
format of the data of each part in headers.  This message has
a couple of parts (noted with the --cut-here mark), some of which
will be used by a MIME mail or news reader to let you fetch the
contents of a file on a remote machine, connect to a far-away telnet
session, or make a WAIS search.
Content-type: application/x-www

<title> WWW example in MIME </title>
This is a body part that's written in the World Wide Web HTML
markup format.  If you're reading this with a proper reader,
it will fire up WWW and offer to connect you to the
<dl><dt><a href=gopher://gopher.msen.com:70/>
MSEN gopher server </a>.

If you want more information about MIME, look at the following
document.  (If you have a MIME reader, it will fetch it for you.)
Content-Type: message/external-body;
              access-type = ANON-FTP;
              directory = "pub";
              mode = "ascii"

Content-type: text

Edward Vielmetti, vice president for research, MSEN Inc. emv at msen.com
      MSEN Inc., 628 Brooks, Ann Arbor MI  48103 +1 313 741 1120
     "Things are glued together with spit and bailing wire now."

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