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reisner at ee.su.oz.au reisner at ee.su.oz.au
Mon Feb 17 17:18:01 EST 1992

	A recent discussion between Reinhard Doelz and Don Gilbert regarding
the use of Gopher touched upon the number of loci (entries) available in GenBank
Release 0.1 (Jan. '92) from NCBI and Release 70 Dec. 15 1991 as distributed by
IntelliGenetics, Inc.

	NCBI = 62,807          GenBank 70 = 58,952

For the sake of completeness I'd like to add:

	gbseq.all as of 15-Feb-92 = 5,477 entries (i.e. entries published
                                                     since the Release 70
                                                     freeze date).

        The total GenBank entries, then, available via GOS as of that
Saturday was 64,429.  I would guess that there were entries in NCBI's
release that were not available from GOS.

	Finally, EMBL Release 29 (Dec.'91) has 57,765 entries; While the file
em.seq.all held at GenBank as of Sat. Feb. 15 contained 2,871 entries for a
total of 60,636 entries accessible via GOS.  I don't know what the total EMBL
entries accessible from the EMBL server was on Sat. Feb. 15.

Alex Reisner

Australian Genomic Information Centre
Sydney University

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