IRIX install of GOPHER (Re: A simple question about Gopher.)

doelz at urz.unibas.ch doelz at urz.unibas.ch
Wed Feb 19 23:55:12 EST 1992

In article <9202192149.AA01745 at alize.ERE.UMontreal.CA>, coady at ERE.UMontreal.CA (Coady Michael) writes:
> Hello all,
> mainframe running Irix.  I've FTP'd the necessary Unix gopher files and


% uncompress gopher0.7.tar.Z 
% tar -xvof  gopher0.7.tar

You should have a directory which looks like mine 
<102 biox /biocomputing/doelz> ls
gopher0.7/      gopher0.7.tar 

% cd gopher0.7/client
% jot Makefile 

You might want to adopt BINDIR and HELPFILE to your site specific 

Uncomment the line  with IRIS in it so that it reads

If you run the > 4.0 IRIX you need to modify the lines with the CCFLAGS in it
to be 

CCFLAGS = -cckr -g -DGOPHERHELP ... etc 
          ^ ^ ^ 
        This flag is new 

Check that 
LIBS = -lcurses -lm 

exit jot, and type 

% make 

There should be a file showing up which is called 'gopher'. 
Next, to be sure that the keyboard does what you want, 

% setenv TERM vt100 
and the keypad of the IRIS keyboard will have the cursors on it. 

% gopher 

and you're done. 

If you like it, su and install it, but IRIX make doesn't know about install
and you need to replace the 'install -c' lines in the Makefile with a blunt
'cp' . 
Hope this helps. It is working rather smoothly on SGI but if you 
log in via network you might need to use poor man's curses 
by typing the numbers of the items. 


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