Request for help: aliases in Pnews

David Steffen steffen at mbir.bcm.tmc.edu
Wed Feb 19 10:46:15 EST 1992

This is a request directed to any Unix gurus out there:  I use Pnews
to post articles to the bionet newsgroups.  I find the names of these
newsgroups impossible to remember, and I have to look them up each
time I need to do this.  I find alias in csh (stored in .cshrc) and in
mail (stored in .mailrc) very helpful, but neither of these work for
Pnews.  The manual is of no help.  Is there anyway to make aliases for
the names of the bionet newsgroups that Pnews can use?


-David Steffen-
David Steffen
Department of Cell Biology, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston TX 77030
Telephone = (713) 798-6655, FAX = (713) 790-0545
Internet = steffen at bcm.tmc.edu

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