Pnews alias

Robert Harper harper at finsun.csc.FI
Thu Feb 20 07:07:31 EST 1992

I have never used Pnews before. I use NN. Force your computer centre to
get this software too. It will revolutionise your netlife, and allow you
to sleep easy at night.

Try this. I make no promises. Edit your .cshrc and put in the alias

alias pbs 'Pnews bionet.software'

Now when you want to post simply write

pbs "Title"

The only trouble is that you will have to remember that pbs stands for
post to bionet.software.

Alternatively grab the BioSci Info sheet that Dave posts. Print it out
and cellotape it to your wall just next to your computer. This is the
tried and tested "Uncle Rob" method. It works every time.

P.S.  This was posted using the pbs method. If it arrives then it
      works... if it doesn't then it is back to he drawing board.


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