Ghosh txn factor database files

Michael Holloway mhollowa at engws1.ic.sunysb.edu
Fri Feb 21 20:20:51 EST 1992

I've recently seen David Ghosh's paper (NAR 18:1749) on relational
database design for studying transcription factors.  Something like 
this is long overdue.  He describes data tables that he's constructed 
for the database.  I've been looking high and low and can't locate 
them.  I'm new to Internet and Usenet so I'm probably missing something. 
Has anyone seen these things at an ftp site?  Does Harvard have a bio 
ftp archive?  The files are named SITES, DOMAINS, CDNAS, ELEMENTS and 
FACTORS.  Can anyone tell me how I might use Archie?  It doesn't seem 
to be available at my site.


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