*EPD format

Dan Jacobson DANJ at JHUHYG.bitnet
Sun Feb 23 15:05:45 EST 1992

Stephen Klautky notes that epd29.seq won't work with the GCG package.  This
isn't surprising as those sequences are in FASTA format not GCG format.  In
order to use these sequences under GCG one must first convert all of them to
GCG format.  Is there a way to do this ?  YES!  Don Gibert's program
READSEQ converts among a variety of types of sequence formats (kudoes to Don),
including fasta and gcg.  I have included a listing of sites where you can get
readseq.  Once you have imported readseq, and installed it you can convert the
EPD database with the following command:

readseq -a -f5 epd29.seq | cat > epd29.gcg

Filtering it through cat is important as otherwise it will output each sequence
 into a seperate file.  This assumes that you are using unix.

OR I could make this (or other sequence formats) file available for ftp if
the authors of epd don't mind.  Let me know what you'd like.

Hope this helps,

Dan Jacobson
danj at jhuhyg.sph.jhu.edu

Host anagram.mcs.anl.gov

    Location: /pub/RDP
           FILE -r-xr-xr-x       4424  Dec 16 15:25  readseq.readme
           FILE -r-xr-xr-x     108828  Dec 16 15:25  readseq.shar

Host biom3.univ-lyon1.fr

    Location: /pub/bio
           FILE -rw-r--r--      50291  Feb 28 1991  readseq.tar.Z

Host evolution.bchs.uh.edu

    Location: /pub/gene-server/mac
           FILE -rw-r--r--      65422  Sep 16 18:08  readseq.hqx
    Location: /pub/gene-server/vms
           FILE -rw-r--r--      95733  Sep 16 18:21  readseq.uue

Host fly.bio.indiana.edu

    Location: /molbio
      DIRECTORY drwxr-xr-x        512  Nov 14 05:30  readseq
    Location: /molbio/readseq/iris-bin
           FILE -rwxr-xr-x     102664  Nov 14 05:24  readseq.iris
    Location: /molbio/readseq/mac-bin
           FILE -rw-r--r--      72408  Nov 14 05:41  readseq.hqx
    Location: /molbio/readseq
           FILE -rw-r--r--     108825  Nov 14 05:25  readseq.shar
    Location: /molbio/readseq/sparc-bin
           FILE -rwxr-xr-x      49152  Nov 14 05:25  readseq.sparc
    Location: /molbio/readseq/src
           FILE -rw-r--r--      17488  Nov 14 05:26  readseq.c
           FILE -rw-r--r--        737  Nov 14 05:26  readseqsiow.make
           FILE -rw-r--r--      23102  Nov 14 05:26  ureadseq.c
           FILE -rw-r--r--       2281  Nov 14 05:26  ureadseq.h
    Location: /molbio/readseq/vms-vax-bin
           FILE -rw-r--r--      78848  Nov 14 04:50  readseq-vms.exe
           FILE -rw-r--r--       8417  Nov 14 04:50  readseq-vms.obj
           FILE -rw-r--r--      12000  Nov 14 04:50  ureadseq-vms.obj

Host nic.funet.fi

    Location: /pub/sci/molbio/vax
           FILE -rw-r--r--      54403  Jan  7 19:50  readseq.zoo

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