Ghosh txn factor database files

Michael Holloway mhollowa at engws1.ic.sunysb.edu
Sun Feb 23 15:43:36 EST 1992

In article <1992Feb22.012051.11318 at zip.eecs.umich.edu> mhollowa at engws1.ic.sunysb.edu (Michael Holloway) writes:
>I've recently seen David Ghosh's paper (NAR 18:1749) on relational
>database design for studying transcription factors.  Something like 
>this is long overdue.  

Thanks to all who replied to this previous message.  For anyone else 
who's interested, the addresses for the ncbi archive (ncbi.nlm.nih.gov) 
and the request for TFD updates (listserv?) are in the 1991 update paper 
about David Ghosh's TFD database in TIBS 16:445.   

I'm very interested in being able to use this database and would greatly 
appreciate it if anyone who has had experience with it would share their 
knowledge with us.  The TIBS article described many 
improvements in the overall concept of the database but, unlike the NAR 
paper, there was no advise on how to get practical use out of anything 
other than the SITES table (bsically, just feed it to your favorite  
search program, like GCG Find).  In fact, most of the really exciting 
applications seem to be mostly pie-in-the-sky work-in-progress.  How do 
the rest of you working in transcription regulation feel about this?  The TFD 
concept is the only suggestion I've encountered of dealing with the mountain 
of data that seems to have accumulated.

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