GCG FOLD ok. (Re: Compiling VMS Mulfold)

J. Michael Cherry cherry at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu
Sun Feb 23 01:37:00 EST 1992

In article <22FEB199220233014 at opal.mgh.harvard.edu>, cherry at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu (J. Michael Cherry) writes...
>The GCG FOLD program is Zuker's old program. I believe the original
>message was about the Sub-optimal RNA folding package M. Zuker, J. A.
>Jaeger, and D. H. Turner  (LRNA and CRNA). I believe this is the program
>that Don Gilbert ported to the Macintosh and called MulFold. This version
>is much better that the GCG FOLD version as multiple sub-optimal foldings
>can be reported for any run. Also LRNA and CRNA use the dangle energy
>parameters of Turner and Jaeger. I obtained this program from Dr. Zuker.

I should have checked this before posting. The MFOLD.ARC file on
ftp.bio.indiana.edu is version 2 of Zuker, Jaeger and Turner's LRNA and
CRNA programs in fortran for VMS, collectively known as MFOLD. Also as has
been previously mentioned their is a problem with the ZP.OLB object
library included in the MFOLD.ARC. I had a good copy of the ZP.OLB library
and have placed a VMS BACKUP Saveset in the anonymous ftp archive on
frodo.mgh.harvard.edu. I've also included all the source files as
contained in the MFOLD.ARC on ftp.bio.indiana.edu in the saveset. With the
good ZP.OLB the LRNA and CRNA programs compile just fine. 

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