GCG FOLD ok. (Re: Compiling VMS Mulfold)

J. Michael Cherry cherry at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu
Sat Feb 22 20:23:00 EST 1992

In article <1992Feb21.072822.10943 at urz.unibas.ch>, doelz at urz.unibas.ch writes...
>In article <9202201645.AA27697 at genbank.bio.net>, DIPSPERIM at TOVVX1.CCD.UTOVRM.IT writes:
>> Has anybody experience with compiling and linking Mulfold2, the VMS version of
>> Zuker's RNA-folding program ?
>The GCG program suite has FOLD in it and compiles smoothly. If you have this 
>program package on your computer it is no problem for you any longer. 

The GCG FOLD program is Zuker's old program. I believe the original
message was about the Sub-optimal RNA folding package M. Zuker, J. A.
Jaeger, and D. H. Turner  (LRNA and CRNA). I believe this is the program
that Don Gilbert ported to the Macintosh and called MulFold. This version
is much better that the GCG FOLD version as multiple sub-optimal foldings
can be reported for any run. Also LRNA and CRNA use the dangle energy
parameters of Turner and Jaeger. I obtained this program from Dr. Zuker.

Mike Cherry
cherry at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu
Molecular Biology, Massachusetts General Hospital
Genetics, Harvard Medical School

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