anti-virus programs from the UH Gene-Server

Dan Davison dbd at THEORY.BCHS.UH.EDU
Mon Feb 24 19:36:16 EST 1992

In honor of the impending March 6 event, and by request, the
latest McAffe *shareware* anti-virus programs have been placedon the UH Gene-Server in the DOS file area.  The programs are:

 170993 Feb 24 00:14 clean86b.uue - removes infections
 136666 Feb 24 00:27 netsc86b.uue - SCAN for novell networks/drives
 154349 Feb 24 00:42 scanv86b.uue - SCAN for individual PC
 132047 Feb 24 00:54 vshld86b.uue - TSR (Virus SHielD) protection 
 216928 Feb 24 01:15 wscan86b.uue - Windows 3.0 version of SCAN

NOTES: (1) These programs are shareware; if you find them useful you
are expected to register as indicated in the documentation accompanying
the programs.  (2) These files are from the SIMTEL archive thru WUSTL
and uploaded to a PC, EMBL-uuencoded, and downloaded.  Thus there
is a possibility that these programs were infected from my PC, but it
was SCANned first.  (3) use at your own risk!!! 

The uuencoded files are available on the FTP server, ftp.bchs.uh.edu,
in pub/gene-server/dos. The ZIP files are there also, use binary mode
if you get them.

You should, however, get the ZIP files from wuarchive.wustl.edu
in /mirrors/msdos/trojan-pro/*86*.zip if possible.  Alternatively
they can be obtained from WSMR-SIMTEL20.ARMY.MIL in PD1:<MSDOS.TROJAN-PRO>.
Use "TYPE L 8" if you transfer ZIP files from SIMTEL.

Don't forget, use these files at your own risk!!!

The command to get these files would be:
	gene-server at bchs.uh.edu
or from BITNET
	gene-server%bchs.uh.edu at CUNYVM.

For an introduction to the Gene-Server, send the word 
to the address above.

dan davison
gene-server manager

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