data collection on Macs

Paul Morrison ptm at RDKSUN1.DFCI.HARVARD.EDU
Tue Feb 25 23:05:05 EST 1992

I would like to find out if anyone has any experience with 
the National Diagnostics NuBus Cards For the Macintosh for 
chromatagraphy data collection on the Macintosh. How dificult
was it to program LabView? If you have already written the 
hplc data collection program, will you give it out? Was it 
any better in the long run to the canned hplc data collection
setups on the market like Rainin Dynamax? Is there something
you are using for data collection on the Mac that you think 
is the best? Do you control pumps with it?

Thank you, Paul Morrison  ptm at rdksun1.dfci.harvard.edu

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