Anyone used any of these kinetics analysis programs

wijsman at max.u.washington.edu wijsman at max.u.washington.edu
Mon Feb 24 11:57:34 EST 1992

> Hello, I am thinking about investing in some software for the Mac to analyze 
> binding kinetics of a radiolabeled toxin to its receptor at equilibrium, etc.
> I have just come across the "biosoft news" and it mentions several programs.  
> all are expensive, so I thought I would see if anyone out ther has much ex-
> perience with them or can recommend others:

(Stuff deleted)

> Peter Bell

I do not do kinetic analysis myself, but there is a resource on campus here
at the U. of Washington which includes dial-in access, and I believe is
free (perhaps only to academic users or nonprofit organizations).  You 
could contact David Foster:  Foster at saam.bioeng.washington.edu
for information.

Ellen Wijsman
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and Dept. Biostatistics
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