Liped ftp site?

wijsman at max.u.washington.edu wijsman at max.u.washington.edu
Thu Feb 27 01:35:36 EST 1992

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> 	we are looking for an ftp site for the unix version of
> Liped (not the pc version). Could any one direct us to a site
> (archie does not seem to know about it)
> Thanks
> Stephen Pearce , University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.

I don't know of an ftp site for LIPED.  Check with Jurg Ott at Columbia
since as the original author and person who still distributes the PC
version he would be most likely to know if there is such a site.

As a note:  we moved LIPED from the PC to our workstation (VMS) with only
very minor modification (e.g., read/write statements).  It wasn't hard,
so unless you are completely naive about FORTRAN, it shouldn't be hard
to get the PC version up and running under unix even if there isn't
an ftp site.

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