Cell culture colony counting software?

James_J_Kowalczyk at cup.portal.com James_J_Kowalczyk at cup.portal.com
Thu Feb 27 00:44:14 EST 1992

I am posting this for a biologist friend.  (I am a chemist.)
(I have already posted this to sci.bio and sci.bio.technology.)

Does anyone know if there is software available, preferrably for
a Macintosh, for objectively counting colonies in a scanned image
of a photograph of a cell culture?

Apparently there are pieces of equipment (rather expensive) which
do this, but since we already have the cameras, scanners, and 
Macintoshs, we thought we would investigate our options.

By the way, I usually do not read this newsgroup, so I would prefer
email responses.  If I receive some, I will gladly summarize them
and post the results in sci.bio (and sci.bio.technology and 


Jim Kowalczyk                    James_J_Kowalczyk at cup.portal.com

Eisai Research Institute
Andover, MA  01810

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