Student looking for summer job in computational biology

Robert F. Murphy MURPHY at A.CFR.CMU.EDU
Thu Feb 27 17:24:09 EST 1992

One of my students in the Computational Biology program here at Carnegie
Mellon, Andrea Dent, is seeking summer employment in the general area of
computational Biology in a research group in the Boston area. As you can
see from the enclosed resume, Andrea works at the Pittsburgh
Supercomputer Center during the academic year, and has experience with a
variety of systems. She is a strong student both in biology and
computation who I believe has great potential to make a significant
contribution in this growing field.  If you have a position available or
know of a research group which might, please contact me or Andrea. 
Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Robert F. Murphy
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
Phone: 412-268-3480
FAX:   412-268-6571
Internet: Murphy at A.CFR.CMU.EDU
BITnet:   Murphy%A.CFR.CMU.EDU at Carnegie

                                 Andrea Dent

Permanent: 	203 Beech Street           Present: 	Box 973
		Shavertown, PA 18708			5115 Margaret Morrison
		(717)675-2427				Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Objective	Full time summer employment in which I can further my 
		knowledge in the area of computer science or computational

Education	Carnegie Mellon University; Pittsburgh, PA
		B.S. in Biological Sciences, Expected May 1993
		Option: Computational Biology

		Relevant Courses:
		Biology of the Brain			Genetics
		Biochemistry				Cell Biology
		Physical Chemistry			Organic Chemistry I, II
		Modern Chemistry I, II			Computational Biology
		Calculus I, II, III			Differential Equations
		Experimental Techniques in Chemistry I, II
		Introduction to Programming and Computation
		Fundamental Structures of Computer Science I, II

Computer	Languages: C, FORTRAN, LISP, PASCAL, Scheme
Experience	Systems:  UNIX, VMS, MS-DOS, Apple Macintosh

Laboratory	Flow cytometry, cell tissue culture, HPLC and column
Skills		chromatography, general	laboratory techniques

Experience	Undergraduate Research Project
		Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
		Department of  Computer Science, Dr. Raul Valdes-Perez
		*  Using the Euclidean Minimal Spanning Tree algorithm in
		conjunction with image processing technology to determine
		the location of actin filiments in cells.
		(January '92 - present)

		Student Programmer
		Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Pittsburgh, PA
		Biomedical Sciences Department, Dr. David Deerfield
		*  Created a library of X-Window and Motif-based interface
		routines for scientific programs.
		*  Answered questions and demonstrated software dealing with
		the Cray Y-MP during hands-on sessions of a Fluid Dynamics
		(May '91 - present)

		Research Assistant
		Center for Fluorescence Research, Pittsburgh, PA
		Department of Biological Sciences, Dr. Robert Murphy
		*  Finding and classifying an endocytic mutant mammalian cell
		deficient in transferrin recycling by use of a FACS.
		*  Purification of alpha-2-macroglobulin from plasma samples.
		(Sept. '89 - May '91)
		Other jobs to finance my education: Cashier, secretary,
		waitress, newspaper delivery

Honors		Society of Women Engineers' Certificate of Academic Excellence
		Junior Leadership of Wilkes-Barre

Activities	Biology Student Advisory Council
		Society of Women Engineers
		Women in Engineering and Science Student Advisory Committee
		Chi Omega National Woman's Fraternity, Personnel Chairman,
		Assistant Rush Chairman, Assistant Philanthropy Chairman,
		Pledge Class Secretary
		CMU Explorers Club
		Intramural Volleyball, Floor Hockey

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