BUG in Authorin?

Ari-Pekka Kvist kvist at convex.csc.FI
Thu Feb 27 10:16:17 EST 1992

I have noticed bug in Authorin-program. I tried to create large sequence file
which I wanted to send to GenBank. At begining all went wery well until 
came intron sequence which is about 1000 bp long. I tried to show the right
endpoint of intron straight from sequence (PF4 , ALT-F). Program did find
the right point of sequence right but it refused to take the right point 
to the feature information table. Instead it halted my computer completely.
Even CTRL-ALT-DEL didn't work. Computer gave me errormessage:
ERROR- entryx-field too wide

Whats wrong with this program? I tried to change my computing environment
several ways but the result were always same. My sequence is about 30 000 bp
long but that shouldn't be problem, or am I wrong?

I used the version of authorin which is in genbank.bio.net, subdirectory

Can someone help me or am I doomed to unpublish my sequence in GenBank

      Ari-Pekka Kvist      (IBM      : per-apk at finou.oulu.fi)
                           (UNIX     : apk at phoenix.oulu.fi or
                                       kvist at convex.csc.fi)
      Oulu University
      Department of Medical Biochemistry
      Kajaanintie 52 A
      SF-90120 Oulu

      Tel. 358-(9)81-332133/224

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