LINKAGE on Macs - IS it out there anywhere

wijsman at max.u.washington.edu wijsman at max.u.washington.edu
Fri Feb 28 02:44:01 EST 1992

> Subj:	LINKAGE on Macs - Is it out there anywhere?

> I rarely read this bulletin board but I think you may be able to answer a
> question.
> About a month ago, in a moment of frustration at having our networked
> Mac tied up in emulator duty by someone running linakge analysis
> in non-batch mode, I started to port the LINKAGE package over to the
> Mac in my spare time. Anyway, having got to the stage where MLINK will
> actually compile on a Mac, I wonder whether someone has already done this.

> Has anyone already ported these programs to Macs?

Last I heard Dan Weeks had been working on this, but this was when he was still
with Jurg Ott at Columbia.  I don't know if the job ever got finished.  Contact
Jurt Ott to find out.

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