Map Drawer/Database

Thu Feb 27 23:01:02 EST 1992

Does anyone know of a software package that can integrate restriction
mapping data with the ability to draw a decent display ?  Ideally, it
would include a database into which one could manually or automatically
enter the sizes of restriction fragments from a given clone in a row and display similiar fragments from different clones in the same column.
It should allow the user to easily move the fragments about as new ordering information is obtained and to scroll right and left in order to display data covering long distances (up to several Mb) of DNA.  The
program would then use this data to draw (to varying scales)
restriction maps of selected regions, and these maps could be annotated
by the user.

Or is anyone interested in developing such a package (preferably for
the SUN)?

Thanks in advance,

Greg Lennon

greg at mendel.llnl.gov

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