Question about READSEQ on a VAX

Stephen Klautky agoodrid at vaxa.weeg.uiowa.edu
Sat Feb 29 22:02:00 EST 1992

I have a question for VAX users of Don Gilbert's READSEQ conversion

I am trying to change the eukaryotic promoter database (epd29.seq)
from a FASTA format to a GCG format so GCG can perform FASTA

Dan Jacobson wrote in bionet.software (for unix):

> readseq -a -f5 epd29.seq | cat > epd29.gcg

> Filtering it through cat is important as otherwise it will output each
> sequence into a seperate file.  This assumes that you are using unix.

Unfortunately, I do not know the equivalent commands for VAX use.
Can you tell me what the appropriate commands are?  I don't want
lots of separate files for each promoter sequence as Dan suggests.

Our VAX is running VMS V5.4-2.

Any help will be appreciated, thanks.

-=] Stephen Klautky [=-          AGOODRID at VAXA.WEEG.UIOWA.EDU

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