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In article <1h70lfINN4am at s-crim1.dl.ac.uk>, mbthm at s-crim1.dl.ac.uk (T.H.L.
Murcott) writes:
> Subject: Wanted Gif file viewer for PC and Silicon Graphics
> Sender: Toby Murcott
> Organization: Daresbury Lab., Warrington, U.K.
> Dear Netters,
> Recently a .gif file of TGN was posted to the net.  I am a relative novice at
> this game and am asking for suggestions for good .gif file viewers for a PC
> and also Silicon Graphics Indigo and Iris workstations.  Apologies if this
> is not the right group to post to.

On an Indigo (I'm not sure about the Iris) there is a utility
called 'fromgif' that converts a file from gif format to the
SGI native RGB format.

You can then use 'imgview' to look at the image.

To view the image:
	fromgif file.gif file.rgb
	imgview file.rgb

If you want to do more with the image, the Indigo provides quite
a few image processing applications in it's standard configuration.
To find out about them type 'man -k image'.



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