problem with BLAST on RS6K

Laurent Mouchard lm at crihan.fr
Wed Dec 30 05:40:46 EST 1992

I am trying to install BLAST on a IBM RS/6000.

I already have succeed in installing ncbitools (using the 370 confi
guration), gish and dfa.

So, I am trying to build blast but make all generates a strange

# make all
ln -s ../NCBI .
ln -s ../GISH .
ln -s ../DFA .
cd lib; make  CC="cc" CCOPT="-g" OPTIONS="  -DREFINED_STATS "
cc -g -I../include -I../NCBI/include -I../GISH/include -I../DFA
      -DREFINED_STATS  -c banner.c
"../include/blast.h", line 169.0: 1506-236 (W) Macro name NCHUNKS has 
been redefined.
"../include/shmutil.h", line 14.15: 1506-046 (S) Syntax error.
"../include/blast.h", line 349.11: 1506-046 (S) Syntax error.
"../include/blast.h", line 349.23: 1506-030 (S) Identifier mfile cannot
be redeclared.
"../include/blast.h", line 472.9: 1506-132 (S) Function fatal cannot be
"../include/blast.h", line 480.9: 1506-132 (S) Function TickNext cannot
be redeclared.
make: 1254-004 The error code from the last command is 1.

Make Quitting.
make: 1254-004 The error code from the last command is 2.

Make Quitting.

# cat include/shmutil.h
1  #ifndef __SHMUTIL_H__
2  #define __SHMUTIL_H__
4  #ifdef USE_SHM
5  typedef struct shm_dat {
6                  char    *filename;
7                  key_t   key;
8                  long    filesize;
9                  FILE    *fp;
10                 int             shmid, semid, msqid;
11                 void    *shmaddr;
12         } shm_dat;
13 #else
14 typedef char *shm_dat;      <--  What's wrong?
15 #endif                           =============
18 extern int shmexists();
19 extern shm_dat *shm_attfile PROTO((char *filename, char *mode, int 
20 extern void *shm_addr PROTO((shm_dat *));
21 extern shm_dat  *shm_loadfile PROTO((char *filename, int mmode, int 
   smode, int qmode, int lockfile, int verbose));
23 extern int shm_sendto PROTO((char *filename, int sig));
24 extern int shm_sendtokey PROTO((key_t key, int sig));
26  #endif /* !__SHMUTIL_H__ */

I don't understand what happens.

Please mail-me if you have an idea or if you already have installed
BLAST on a RS6K.


Laurent Mouchard         (lm)	 | C R I H A N
				 | Centre de Ressources Informatiques

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