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>There was a discussion about the need of reading and manipulating MAC disks
>on PCs. The following information from the Jauary issue of BYTE is rather

>For high density disks:
>     Mac-In-DOS from Pacific Microelectronics (800)628-3475; (415)948-6200
>     $199 (DOS version), $249 (Windows version)

>For double-density disks:
>     MatchMaker from MicroSolutions Computer products (815)756-3411

There are other options available.  For HD disks, try the shareware program 
Macette.exe -- available from a few FTP sites - try Archie for which ones.

For DD disks, Matchmaker requires you to already possess an external Mac 
floppy drive -- which runs about $150 - $300, in addition to buying the 
MatchMaker card -- which in trun costs about $100.

A much cheaper solution is to purchase the Copy II PC Deluxe Option Board 
from Central Point which lets most PC 720K and 1.44 meg drives read, write 
and format 800K Mac disks.  It works rather well -- I use one myself.  The 
board runs about $100, and you can use your existing 3.5 inch drive.

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