Inherit mailing list creation

John Powell jip at helix.nih.gov
Thu Dec 24 12:02:05 EST 1992

(My apologies if this appears twice, we've experienced some problems
with our news server and I don't believe the first try made it out.)

This message is intended to users(sites) who have or contemplate
having an Applied Biosystems Inherit System.  We intend to form a
mailing list of Inherit users to foster the exchange of information
(Bugs, limitiations, local development of client software on alternate
platforms, experiences with large numbers of simultaneous users, etc)

If you would like to participate in this list, send a reply by email
to: jip at alw.nih.gov
If possible, include information about your Inherit Environment:

Date Installed:

Inherit System: (VME bus version | SCSI bus version)

Software options: (Analysis, Assembly)

Approximate number of Client Machines:

Major use: (database searching, assembly, other)

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