Quick Jiffy's for GCG or Ig

PARSONS_A at snd01.pcr.co.uk PARSONS_A at snd01.pcr.co.uk
Wed Dec 23 05:13:49 EST 1992

Greetings BIONAUTS, Internetters, NetFolk, GCG/Ig Consultants,

I have just downloaded the AIDS database produced by Gerald D. Myers and Kersti
McInnes from the NCBI data repository.  After unpacking I have now ended up
with a directory structure as below.  I want to convert these sequences to a
GCG and Ig data library.  Both these packages have the tools to handle the
GenBank and PIR formatted entries but I was wondering if anyone had written a
quick jiffy just to pick out the sequences and ignore the alignments and
supporting info (I dont want to reinvent the wheel).  Also could anyone tell me
the difference between a file with no extensiona and a .NF extension file diffs
would suggest only changes in the annotation and not the sequence. 

Many  ADVthanksANCE - and a Merry Chritmas and a Peaceful New Year!

Tony Parsons  - Pfizer Central Research (UK) <<parsons_ at snd01.pcr.co.uk>>

=========================  AIDS DB subdirectory structure  ===================
              |                |--[.HIV_1]---------[.HFL]
              |                |                |
              |                |                +--[.NUC_CONS]
              |                |--[.HIV_2]
              |                |--[.MND]
              |                |--[.RELATED]
              |                +--[.SIV]
                               |                |
                               |                +--[.PRO_CONS]

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