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Feel free to contact me or D. Kingsbury about this announcement.

dan davison

Announcing an important new quarterly peer-review journal.

March 1993


The Journal of Computational Molecular Cell Biology


Daniel B. Davison, Ph.D.   David T. Kingsbury, Ph.D. Thomas Marr, Ph.D.
University of Houston	   Johns Hopkins University  Cold Springs Harbor Labs
                           School of Medicine

Goals: First, to provide a forum for communication of scientific and 
technical issues  associated with the analysis, management, and 
visualization of cellular information at the molecular level.  
COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY will accept papers on: algorithms, 
genomics; mathematical modeling and simulation of biological 
processes; new methods for sequence analysis, including, for example, 
parallel methods; design and implementation of biological databases; 
biological expert system design and use; reasoning by analogy; 
hypothesis formation and testing by machine; and, information 

Second, is the communication of significant biological problems 
to investigators traditionally outside of biology, but otherwise 
in appropriate areas of science and technology.  This will be accomplished 
by soliciting mini-reviews in diverse areas, and by providing a forum 
for the informal exchange of theories and experimental approaches.

The growth of molecular cell biology has created large amounts of 
complex data, and challenges to data handling, data analysis, and 
interpretation.  The mounting volume and richness of data require 
quantitative and multidisciplinary approaches for analysis and 

For submission of manuscripts send three copies to: David T. Kingsbury, 
The Welch Laboratory, The Johns Hopkins University School of 
Medicine, 1830 East Monument, 3rd Floor, Baltimore, MD 21205-2100.  
Phone: (410) 995-9705. E-mail: dkingsbu at library.welch.jhu.edu.

Subscription rate:  Volume 1 quarterly 1993.
Publisher: Mary Ann Leibert, Inc.

dr. dan davison/dept. of biochemical and biophysical sciences/univ. of
Houston/4800 Calhoun/Houston,TX 77204-5934/davison at uh.edu/DAVISON at UHOU

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