T-tracking program ?

Fri Dec 18 04:29:22 EST 1992

I am looking for a program, that helps one to identify the
position of a clone in a sequence by running only one
sequencing reaction (so-called T-tracking). Some sources,
like Deininger's review (Anal. Biochem 135(1983)247-263) and
Amersham's sequencing leaflet state that this can be done
by computer, but I haven't so far found any reference to
a program that would do it. 

Otherwise I use the GCG fragment assebly programs, but
haven't been able to figure out how to map T-tracks 
by GCG. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Jarmo Niemi   Biochemistry, University of Turku
              SF-20500 Turku
              janiemi at finabo.abo.fi

"You may quote me"
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			January, 1981}
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