Action Potential Simulation

Wed Dec 16 12:28:52 EST 1992

thurman at iscsvax.uni.edu writes:

>Dec 15,
>I'm looking for software to use in the teaching of animal and human
>physiology.I currently have several programs by Meiss for membrane potentials,
>muscle contraction and cardiac output. What I need is other, inexpensive
>pieces of biological software for teaching at the college junior-senior level.
>In particular, I need a simulation of an action potential. I have the Randell
>version for Apple but I currently need an MS-DOS verison. Anyone know where I
>pickup one and its approximate price ?

>Carl Thurman/University Northern Iowa
>       Biology Dept.

A possibility for MS-DOS is AXOVACS by Axon Instruments, Inc. 1101 Chess
Drive, Foster City, CA 94404 Phone 415-571-9400 FAX 415-571-9500.  I am
planning to use it for part of my computational biology course next
semester.  Dr. Hillel Chiel of Case Western Reserve University suggested
it to me - he has written a "computer lab" assignment using it for a
course he teaches.  He is also using a MAC program called CWRUSIM to
have students do homework assignments involving action potential
simulation.  He can be contacted at 216-368-3846 or hjc at po.cwru.edu. 
Both Dr. Chiel's work and mine in computational biology curriculum
development are supported by grants from the Howard Hughes Medical
Dr. Robert F. Murphy, Associate Professor
Department of Biological Sciences and
Center for Light Microscope Imaging and Biotechnology
Carnegie Mellon University, 4400 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-268-3480    FAX: 412-268-6571  Email: murphy at a.cfr.cmu.edu

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