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> Hello netters,
> I'm posting this on behalf of a colleague;
> He is looking for a program that will predict Tm values for 
> DNA strands. He is running urea/formamide gradient gels.
> He has heard of a program called Melt87.  
>  - is this program public domain/sharware/commercial?
>  - how can one obtain a copy?
>  - are there any other programs out there (preferably PD) that do this
>    sort of thing?
> Any information would be much appreciated
> Vivien
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> Vivien Bonazzi              email vivien at ariel.ucs.unimelb.edu.au
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There are several programs that come to mind here: 
If you are using a PC you can try:
MELT.EXE version 2.0

The formal bit:

This program remains the property of John Nash and the National Research
Council of Canada, copyright (C) 1989, 1990.  All rights are reserved by
the copyright holders.  This program may be freely used by anybody subject
to the following conditions:

This one is available from most major bio-ftp sites, for example:

directory: /pub/software/dos

Another one, also called MELT is one of mine and is a GCG Application.
Please contact me if you have the GCG programs available and I will
send you the sources.

Rodrigo Lopez
Norwegian EMBnet node

e-mail: rodrigol at biomed.uio.no

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