GCG unix - up-arrow in history function????

Bill Pearson wrp at cyclops.micr.Virginia.EDU
Tue Dec 15 14:48:19 EST 1992

In article <9212151136.AA02178 at fermat.Mayo.EDU> eberhardt%newton.dnet at FERMAT.MAYO.EDU writes:
>>	The command !-1 on SunOS v1.1.1 is equivalant to the up arrow
>>on a VMS system.  I have absolutely no idea where this is documented.

	It is documented in the discription of "csh".  It is a "csh"

>	While the above is true and can be very useful, there is still
>a big difference between this and the up arrow "history" on VAX/VMS
>systems.  On UNIX the command !number invokes the shell whereas on
>VAX/VMS you can bring up the last command, modify it slightly and then
>hit return to invoke the command.  This is a very powerful and
>time-saving device, especially if you are dealing with a typical GCG
>command line such as:

>$gap/beg2=1/end2=32000/rev2/out=tseb.out/def tseb.gseq ghloc.gseq

	The tcsh (csh replacement) or ksh (sh replacement) provide the
same set of interactive previous command editing commands.  The tcsh
runs on any unix machine that supports GCG.

Bill Pearson

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