GCG unix - up-arrow in history function????

Scott Johnson noran!ringo!sjohnson at UUNET.UU.NET
Tue Dec 15 17:10:33 EST 1992

> >In article <1992Dec14.090042.4792 at pollux.lu.se>, Bo.Servenius at wblag.lu.se (Bo Servenius) writes...
> >>Dear Netters:
> >> 
> >>I am just in the process of moving my GCG package from a VMS system
> >>to a SunOS UNIX one. Being used to use the up-arrow in VMS I was 
> >>frustrated when I realised that I have to use the csh with GCG under unix.
> >>And csh in contrast to tcsh can not support up-arrow in the history
> >>function. Anyone out there who has come up with a solution to this
> >>problem???????

Another Public Domain shell for Unix is BASH (Borne Again Shell).
This has the history feature you are looking for.  But follows
the Borne Shell script syntax.



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