3D display of pdb data?

Don & bashford at scripps.edu
Tue Dec 15 00:58:16 EST 1992

>>>>> In article <9212142242.AA01160 at xibalba.cshl.org>, mzhang at XIBALBA.CSHL.ORG (Michael Zhang) writes:

MZ> What softwares can display 3D pdb data on DECstation or
MZ> SPARCstation which allow a user to look at structures from
MZ> different angles? And how to obtain them?

Try flex by Mike Pique et al. of the Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla,
CA.  Get it by anonymous ftp from ftp.scripps.edu.  The compressed
tar file you need is pub/flex.tar.Z  This allows you to display
a pdb file and rotate it interactively.  You also can get several
different display styles, such is wire frame, space filling, etc.

MZ> Michael Zhang
MZ> mzhang at cshl.org

Don Bashford
bashford at scripps.edu

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