GCG unix - up-arrow in history function????

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Tue Dec 15 06:36:17 EST 1992

Bruce A. Roe: BROE at aardvark.ucs.uoknor.edu writes:

>	The command !-1 on SunOS v1.1.1 is equivalant to the up arrow
>on a VMS system.  I have absolutely no idea where this is documented.
>If you type the word history, then you will see a listing of previous
>commands issued and say you want to type command number 5 on the list,
>then type !-5.  
>Just another one of those intuitive SunOS or Unix features ;-)

	While the above is true and can be very useful, there is still a big 
difference between this and the up arrow "history" on VAX/VMS systems.  On 
UNIX the command !number invokes the shell whereas on VAX/VMS you can bring up 
the last command, modify it slightly and then hit return to invoke the 
command.  This is a very powerful and time-saving device, especially if you 
are dealing with a typical GCG command line such as:

$gap/beg2=1/end2=32000/rev2/out=tseb.out/def tseb.gseq ghloc.gseq

				Norman L. Eberhardt
				eberhardt at mayo.edu


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