Help with PIPPIN format

Tae Shin tshin at husc8.harvard.edu
Tue Dec 15 03:28:51 EST 1992

Hopefully someone out there can help me on this one.  I'm using a DCL program
called RIBBON that creates Richardson diagrams of protein structures.  The 
output file is readable by FRODO and also can be converted to a format called
PIPPIN for printing on pen plotters.  Unfortunately I only have laser printers,
and the PIPPIN file is clearly a file that controls pen movement.  Does anyone
know how to print this on a laser printer or convert it to another format 
(e.g. PostScript) which can be printed?  Hopefully someone knows what I'm 
talking about and give me a hand.  Any help/suggestions are greatly

T.B. Shin
Dept. of Chemistry
Harvard University
tshin at husc8.harvard.edu

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