Mon Dec 14 12:23:00 EST 1992

        Dear fellow netters,
        Following my initial posting about reading a Mac diskette on my PC,
 there has been a number of answers on this B-Board, and I have also received
 some "private" answers. Here they are for the benefit of the community:
 1) I have received a copy of CLINK which, in my hands, worked correctly. But
 I understand that it is a hacker version of a commercial program (MAC-IN-DOS)
 so I stop here.
 2) David Nordell kindly sent me a copy of MAC-ETTE which, this time, is a
 freeware program. It works quite fine.
 3) I have also received the following message from JONKER at AMV.UVA.NL, which
 tells how to retrieve MAC-ETTE:
> Yes, yesterday I tried a utility from sumex-aim/mac-info/misc/mac-ette
> (anonymous ftp); a public domain program (shareware type I think)
> that reads and writes mac 1.4 MB flopps. Worked rather well just the
> first time we tried it.... on a dos machine rather remarkable ;)
> ard
        Hence, there is at least one shareware program, MAC-ETTE, that
 everybody can fetch and that works fine.
        Thanks to all those who cared to answer!
 Jean-Loup Risler
 Centre de Genetique Moleculaire        RISLER at FRCGM51.BITNET
 91190  Gif sur Yvette  France

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