Sat Dec 12 04:53:00 EST 1992

I must confess that I did not check the existence of the journal CABIOS. I only
took the reference from the following message:

<1>From: bsh at med.pitt.edu (Basavaraju Shankarappa)
<1>To: LETTIERE_DAJ at CCSUA.CTSTATEU.EDU, bio-soft at net.bio.net
<1>Subject: Re:  Biocomputing journals & alternatives to dissection?
<1>1.  Computer Applications in Biomedical Sciences; a NAR publication
<1>also abbreviated as CABIOS
<1>2.  Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine; affiliated to British
<1>Medical Informatics Society; Managing Editor: Uppsala University
<1>Data Center P.O. Box 2103 S-750 02 Uppsala Sweden
<1>3.  Computers and Biomedical Research; Dr. Homer R. Warner Dept of
<1>Medical Informatics, Univ of Utah School of Medicine
<1>Salt Lake City Utah 84132
<1>4.  Computers in Biology and Medicine; I think the contact person is
<1>Ms. Blaire V. Mossman  National Biomedical Research Foundation
<1>Georgetown University Medical Center
<1>3900 Reservoir Road, NW
<1>Washington DC 20007
<1>As to your second question, do you really think you can replace the 
<1>feel for the dissection with any computer program?  
<1>Raj Shankarappa
<1>bsh at med.pitt.edu

But as David pointed out, CABIOS should stand for Computer Applications in the
Biosciences. Here is another mail message:

<2>From: Des.Higgins at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE (Des Higgins)
<2>Subject: RE:ClustalV
<2>The paper describing Clustal V came out earlier this year in CABIOS:
<2>Higgins, D.G., Bleasby, A.J. and Fuchs, R. (1992)
<2>CLUSTAL V: improved software for multiple sequence alignment.
<2>Computer Applications in the Biosciences (CABIOS), 8(2):189-191.
<2>Des Higgins
<2>European Molecular Biology Laboratory
<2>Germany           Higgins at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE

Since Des was the first author of the publication mentioned above, he probably
spell the journal name correctly. I still haven't checked the real journal yet.
The availability of computers and networks makes one too lazy to go to the
library to read real things. What a pity!

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