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In article <Bz3DBx.D81 at dei.unipd.it> george at sabrina.dei.unipd.it (Giorgio Demenego) writes:
>Hello, I hope that this newsgroup will be the right place to post my letter :)
>I want to know if there is an ftp site with DNA phylogenesis programs for Amiga.
>(Like Paup, Phylip, Clustalv)
>If those programs or utilities are not in PD software I only want to know if
>they exist or no, because here I saw only prgs for PC & Mac !!!!

PAUP is not available by ftp as it costs $50.  There is no Amiga version.
PHYLIP is available by ftp from my machine: evolution.genetics.washington.edu
   (IP number  There are no Amiga executables available, but
   you can compile it if you have a Pascal compiler.  A C version will be
   available soon.
ClustalV is available by ftp from the major molecular biology software servers
   (in Europe try ftp.embl-heidelberg.de).  There is no Amiga executable
   version, but it is available as C source which can be compiled if you
   have a C compiler.

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