Giorgio Demenego george at sabrina.dei.unipd.it
Fri Dec 11 06:02:20 EST 1992

Hello, I hope that this newsgroup will be the right place to post my letter :)
I want to know if there is an ftp site with DNA phylogenesis programs for Amiga.
(Like Paup, Phylip, Clustalv)
If those programs or utilities are not in PD software I only want to know if
they exist or no, because here I saw only prgs for PC & Mac !!!!
Thank you for reading this software help message, and sorry for my bad english.

          Your sincerely 
          Giorgio Demenego

       //         |  Giorgio Demenego   (E-Mail: george at sabrina.dei.unipd.it)
     \X/ Amiga    |    Department of Biology - University of Padova - Italy 

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