System Gold (Beckman) compatibility with PCs

LAZO,GERARD glazo at aardvark.ucs.uoknor.edu
Tue Dec 8 18:00:00 EST 1992

We're getting ready to upgrade our Beckman System Gold setup to a new
machine.  It currently resides on an IBM 55SX (386SX) with it proprietary
card in the machine and is connected to our HPLCs and other stuff.
We want to put this System Gold on a 486 machine to speed up the graphics
manipulations, etc....  We plan to swap our microchannel card for a
regular ISA-style card.  Apparently, Beckman's program is very particular
about what machine it runs on.  We were thinking about getting a 
Gateway 2000 486-33V computer for the System Gold setup.

If you have any knowledge about the System Gold running on other PC clones,
I would appreciate hearing from you to hear which machines may be
compatible with the System Gold Set up.  I have seen the System Gold running
on some old 286 clones, and our 386SX machine, but if you know of any 486DX 
success stories, please drop me a line.  I hear Dell computers appear to
work OK, but I'm not sure about Gateway 2000.  Or is there something about 
the computer, such as the type of BIOS, that I need to look for?  Any help
on this matter would be appreciated.


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